Karolyna E. Padilla

Waukegan, IL
Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep
College of Wooster

Major: Political Science

About Karolyna E. Padilla

“Hello, my name is Karolyna Padilla. I graduated this past May from Cristo Rey St Martin, and will soon embark on a new educational journey at The College of Wooster. However, this journey would not be able to start if it weren’t for, la Coalicion Latinos Unidos. My entire life I have seen struggle – in my community, at school, and at home. I’ve grown up in a less privileged community between financial and academic challenges, which has led me to realize the value of a college education. I am the sixth child of eight. Throughout my life, my parents never failed to place an emphasis on education. Early on I came to the conclusion that this would be the only way out. With immigration having played a major role in my life, I have since decided to pursue a degree in the legal career. I am currently an aspiring corporate lawyer, with an ambition to work pro-bono as an immigration lawyer. Because of generous donors like you, I am able to follow my dreams to and through school. Thank you to all those who have contributed to making this possible.”