United Way of Lake County

January 10, 2019 at 12:00 pm 128 County Street Waukegan, Illinois

United Way of Lake County

Speaker: Edna Galvan & Deanna Olmem, United Way of Lake County

United Way offers a range of different programs available to Lake County residents. During the January ‐ March timeframe we would love to share information on our Kindergarten Countdown Camps and Kindergarten Readiness Assessments that will be conducted this summer/fall.

Additionally, we would share information on the MyFreeTaxes program which will be running from January ‐ April and provides a free and safe resource for individuals to file their taxes. By January we would also know when 2‐1‐1 would be launching and could give a brief update on this initiative.

Our organization would be happy to host a meeting and we could review the possibility of providing lunch with our organizational leadership.

2019/01/10 12:00:00