Gilberto A. Torres Gomez

North Chicago, IL
North Chicago Community High School
College of Lake County

Major: Psychology

About Gilberto A. Torres Gomez

Gilberto A. Torres Gomez is a recent graduate from North Chicago Community High School. He is attending the College of Lake County with the help and support of the RISE Scholarship and members from CLULC. His goal is to transfer after two years and major in Psychology in hopes of becoming a counselor because he admires the work they do and wants to help others when they need someone to be there for them. He plans to give back to the community by inspiring others to dream big, to let them know that nothing is impossible, and to help lead the way for the future. He is forever thankful for the help from CLULC and promises to show them that their support will not be in vain, but will instead spark a change to the future of the community.